League Message - Please take a moment to read




In the last few years, the Rules Committee has noticed that certain recurring issues and complaints continue to arise and so we now ask, at the beginning of the season, that all Club Reps and Team Captains ensure that all players are aware of the following:


  1. PLAYER ELIGIBILITY (The Biggest Issue):

a) All players must hold a valid Squash Alberta Membership at the time of their first match, unless that player has obtained a one time, one match special Squash Alberta Membership prior to playing that match. This includes matches played at different levels, whether for various teams within the same club or after switching clubs at any point in the season [league approval necessary for such a move]. For the playoffs all players must have a valid Squash Alberta Membership and have played at least three matches for that team during the regular season.

b) The Team Captain must FAIRLY rank players for each match in the order of ability at the time the match is played.  Once each Captain has filled out his or her team list on a separate match score sheet, the two Captains are to exchange their team lists and play the match accordingly.  Any complaints of unfair positioning of players are to be made to the Rules Committee following the match.



    The winning Team Captain is to promptly enter match results on the Calgary Interclub website, www.calgarysquash.ab.ca. Before entering any scores go to “EDIT PLAYERS” and ENSURE THAT ALL PLAYER NAMES FOR BOTH TEAMS ARE THERE. IF NOT, ADD THEM USING FULL FIRST AND LAST NAME. If FULL NAMES ARE NOT AVAILABLE OBTAIN AND ADD THIS INFORMATION BEFORE ENTERING ANY SCORE SHEETS. Please consult your club rep if you have any questions or difficulties.



    As we all know, the social aspect of Interclub is equally important to the actual playing of the matches so please be good hosts.  It is suggested that hosting responsibilities for playoff semi final matches follow the same procedure as during the regular season.


  1. Above all, please try to remember this is only a game and is meant to be enjoyed by all those participating.  Getting some exercise, having some fun and socializing with fellow squash players is what this league is all about, and the rules will be interpreted in favour of those who play by the spirit of the game, and against those who bend or abuse the rules.




Thank you for your consideration re of all the above.  Good luck to everyone.


Ron Coggan


Calgary Interclub Squash Association



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