This section puts the scoring and results in layman’s terms. If you want the detailed explanation check section 12.0 of the rules.

If a player wins a match they get a point. If they lose the match they get zero. The team with the most points gets a bonus point. Ties in the number of matches won are decided first by total games won and if still tied then by total points won. If there is still a tie after the points won are considered then each team gets a half point bonus. Note that these bonus point calculations are done by the web site.

We are currently running an interactive scoresheet for the Website. Results must be entered onto this system within 48 hours of your match. Instructions are listed below. See your club rep if you have any further questions on how to enter the results. For backup purposes we ask that you keep your paper results.

Blank score sheets can be found on this Website under the League Information button.

Thanks and if you have any questions please contact your club rep.  

  • For the first scoresheet entry of the season, players names must be entered via the "EDIT PLAYERS" function under the scoresheet system (the RED BUTTON up top). Team captains should ensure that all their players are entered.
  • Players names entered should be their formal Squash Alberta names - i.e.: use "William" rather then "Willy", "Bill" or any nickname.
  • Use the name "default" for any default or missing players. Note that "default" does not need to be entered on your player list.
  • Players on both teams must be entered to their respective team lists before a scoresheet can be entered.
  • Winners enter the scoresheet.
  • With Subsequent score sheets, player name entry may not be necessary as they will likely be there from previous matches and will remain there for the entire season.
  • Click on the scoresheet button to start the scoresheet function and enter the requested information. Only the winner should be entering the scoresheet.
  • Select your level, home team, visitor team and press "next".
  • When you get to the scoresheet, use the existing player box to select the player from your team. If you do not see the players name you need to enter, then use the "edit players" function to add a player to your team.  Enter the entire scoresheet and check it before saving. 
  • The scores and match counts will be added up and calculated for you; they do not have to be entered. 
  • If you make a mistake and have already saved the scoresheet, simply re-enter it correctly. 
  • Standings will be automatically updated, including playoff results.
  • Continue to keep your paper results in case of any discrepancies.
  • If you have any problems, please contact your club rep.